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These perfectly matched mini massage packages will work great with any treatment.  Want a little extra attention on a specific area without skipping something else?  Just choose which package is right for your needs.  If you are short on time, but still need to relax, these packages also work great on their own!   Now you can target trouble areas without disrupting your busy day.

~Sinus Relief~
This session effectivley targets all the points on your head, face and neck that hold pressure when you are suffering from sinus problems. 

$20.00                 10-15 minutes

~De-stress Package~
Enjoy a rejuvenating treatment starting with a relaxing scalp and hand massage, followed by a restorative foot massage.
Perfect for a lunch break or the person short on time.
$30.00                      30 minutes

~Aromatherapy Package~
Unwind with a massage targeted on relaxing your back, shoulders and neck coupled with  the use of aromatherapy lotion, perfect for inducing an absolute and wonderful sense of peace.
$30.00                       30 minutes

~Euphorie Package~
Starts with a relaxing neck massage to clarify the mind.  This is followed by a scalp massage coupled with heated scented towels to melt away any lasting stress or tension.
$30.00                      30 minutes

~Rejuvenating Foot Package~
Your session will begin with a warm foot soak allowing you time to clear your mind and let your body and spirit relax and let go of it's stress.  Followed with a foot exfoliation and massage treatment to rejuvenate you for the rest of your day.
$30.00                      30 minutes