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Body Treatments

~Seaplenish Algae Detox Body Wrap~
Rich in sea minerals, this wrap is excellent for detoxifying your system.  As your body temperature rises, it releases toxins while absorbing revitalizing minerals through the skin.

$85.00                50 minutes

~Chamomile & Marine Algae Body Wrap~
Deep-sea therapy soothes dehydrated skin as these high-potencey, fortifying anti-oxident algaes and essential oils seep into the undernourished skin renewing its strength and vitality leaving it soft and supple.

$85.00               50 minutes   

~Sedona & French Red Clay Body Wrap~
An extremely effective anti-oxidant and anti-ageing formula! This blend purges toxins, and improves circulation without dehydrating, leaving the skin soft and re-mineralized with a noticeable glow. The Sedona mud is gently massaged onto the body forming a mask as you are enveloped in warmth. This treatment leaves you with the feeling of rejuvenation and freshness.

$85.00                  50 minutes

~Seaweed & French Green Clay Body Wrap~
French green clay for skin applications is a tried and true remedy in particular for people with oily skin. Naturally absorbent, this desirable skin remedy cleans, tightens, and renews skin cells.

$85.00                  50 minutes

~Green Mud Detox Body Wrap~
This wrap is not only detoxifying,  it reduces fluid retention and cellulite for legs.

     $85.00                 60 minutes


~Black Mud Detox Body Wrap~
This wrap is not only detoxifying, it  reduces muscular aches and pains.
    $85.00                60 minutes