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~Swedish Massage~
A soothing traditional massage offering long, relaxing strokes to ease away your stress and tension.

$30.00                  30 minutes

$40.00                  50 minutes

$50.00                  60 minutes

$70.00                  80 minutes

$80.00                  90 minutes

$120.00               120 minutes

~Ultimate Relaxation Couples Massage~
Enjoy a relaxing massage where you can unwind with someone special. Your treatment will include the use of aromatherapy and heated towels, perfect for inducing an absolutely wonderful sense of peace.

$120.00               50 minutes

$140.00               80 minutes

~Euphorie Massage~
 A true spa experience... your session will begin with a warm foot soak allowing you time to clear your mind and prepare your body and spirit to relax and let go of it's stress.  Your massage will include aromatic massage lotion as your therapist uses long, slow relaxing strokes to guide your body to complete relaxation.
$100.00                   80 minutes