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Reflex points on the feet are stimulated to effect the body's systems, to promote a sense of well-being and relaxation.
$30.00                20 minutes

$50.00                45 minutes

~Re-energizing Foot Treatment
A real treat for your feet... a foot soak, ex foliation and soothing foot massage are a must do if you are in need of recharging.
$50.00                50 minutes

~Sea Salt or Sugar Body Glow~
Experience this traditional body scrub which uses sea salt and marine properties or try a yummy brown sugar scrub, either will leave your skin feeling vibrant and glowing.
$85.00                50 minutes

~Micro-Bead Body Scrub~
Do you have sensitive or dry skin?  Then this scrub is perfect for you.    After a treatment with the Jojoba beads in a creamy body scrub you feel like you have  new skin........
$75.00                 50 minutes