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Specialty Massages

~Deep Therapeutic Massage~
Sometimes a deep firm massage is what your body needs!  Increase joint mobility, soothe aching muscles and relieve stress with this intensive massage.  

$50.00               30 minutes

$80.00            50 minutes

$100.00               80 minutes

~Points of Relaxation~
If relaxation is really what you need, but you have that one specific area you want to have addressed this is your perfect massage.  A balance of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy perfectly tailored for your specific needs.
$60.00                  50 minutes

$90.00                  80 minutes

~Euphorie Hot Stone Massage~
Heated Basalt stones are skillfully used and placed on your body to clear away tension and stress.  A must do for massage lovers.
$75.00                    50 minutes

$125.00                  80 minutes

~Prenatal Massage~
If there is any time when a woman really needs bodywork, it is during her pregnancy.  Unwind and relax with 50 minutes of "you time".
$65.00                50 minutes